Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hermana Lewis!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I did get the package! Friday we had interviews with the President, and he and Hna. Watkins brought all the mail.

Thanks for everything! I LOVE the shirts! And the only thing that melted was the Junior Mints, but they weren't too bad, and you could pick a few off the big pile of Junior mints and eat just a few at a time.

Still have the cake. We only have a toaster oven, so we will see what happens with the cake, and when we get around to baking it.

I did have a good birthday, full of wonderful missionary contacts actually. We planned a day of contacting, so we ended up having quite a few.

Several of the members and investigators wished my happy birthday, and yesterday we celebrated my birthday in our district meeting. The elders, and Hna. Marín, sang to me at least twice, in both Spanish and English, and our district leader and his companion bought a cake.
So it ended up being a pretty good birthday. But next year my birthday will be even better! I finally picked a release date. July 10, 2012.

Everything depends on flights, but I should be arriving home on July 11, 2012! (That is if you don't come get me!) The release date is official, its in the system and everything. Start making your plans now...

Glad to hear that Girls camp was good, I think it's kinda hard to have a Girls camp that isn't good. But kinda want to hear more...and see some photos!

It's good to hear that Cristian's baptism was a good experience, and I'm sure it was extra special for Brenna. When Brayan got baptized, it was a really cool experience for his family, and for the youth in the branch, especially since Brayan has become such good friends with one of the youth. I know it was really cool for him and his family to be so involved in the baptism, and to be involved in the entire process.

Since I've been on my mission, I've learned just how important the members are to missionary work. We don't really have many opportunities to help the missionaries, or go with them to lessons, but when you get the chance you should help out all you can. These experience aren't just good for the missionaries and the investigators, but they are good for the members as well. The members grow a lot, and learn a lot of good things from these experiences, and if the members have children, their children get to be around and interact with the missionaries. So I know that it must have been a great experience for Brenna, and for everybody, to be part of Cristian's baptism and conversion.

Every week when we write the President, we have to write about our family, how they're doing, things like that. He tells me frequently that he loves to read about the adventures of my family. And he's commented several times how great it is that Gramma and Grampa will be serving missions the same time as me. Thought that you might like to know.

Don't really know what we are going to do for P-day. I think we are going to the mall to go shopping with some of the members. I think it will be more of a relaxing P-day. After our trip to Toledo, and our other traveling P-days, I think it will be good to take it easy for just one day. We will go to the temple in a few weeks, to end our intercambios, and I'm fairly sure that our last P-day of the transfer will be in Madrid with other missionaries.

One of the elders in our district is finishing his mission as well, and since he and Hna. Marín only have a few more P-days, they are kinda deciding what we will do, especially for the last one. And they want to spend more time with the other missionaries, and say good-bye and all that stuff. So this week will be a little bit more relaxed.

Well, we are going to head out in just a few minutes, but we will be coming back to email a little bit later...maybe I will have more to say...

Love, Amber

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