Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brayan's Baptism

Hello from...Guadalajara!

Hna. Marín and I are going to be in Guadalajara for one more transfer. There actually weren't any changes for the Hermanas. It's not what people were expecting, but now we know that there will many lots the next time around.

Sorry that this letter came a little late, we had another crazy p-day and weren't able to finish our emails yesterday.

Brayan's baptism was great! We have to have the baptisms in Azuqueca (it is the closest chapel with a baptismal font, but only about ten minutes away) There was some coordinating problems, but in the end it all worked out just fine. The service was incredible. The spirit was so strong, and it was so amazing! This family is great, and I think that one day, all of them will get baptized.

I'm glad that Ryan had such a great time at EFY! I know that everyone does. We are teaching a part-member family, and their two boys are going to EFY the first week of August. I think that this will be a great opportunity for them. This weekend we helped them finalize their registrations.

It was SUPER hot this weekend. We took a picture of Hna. Marín with the thermometer that read 46. This was Sunday afternoon. We think it was a little high, but it was most likely about 42 or 43. Even though we are really close to the mountains here, it doesn't really cool down at night. That was been the weirdest thing for me. I can handle the heat in the day, but at night it is still hot. And the sun doesn't set until 9:30 or 10:00, so we have a lot of sun. I have quite an impressive tan line from my sandals.

I think that the YSA changes will be good. One of my favorite things was my student wards. They were so different from the YSA ward. Everyone was about the same age, everyone was studying, and everyone was, more or less, moving in the same direction. After they built those apartments and townhomes, the YSA ward changed drastically. It went from being kids living at home going to UVU, to being a ward with YSA who had finished school, worked full time, are were starting their lives. I enjoyed it way more when everyone was in the same point in their lives. But it was still fun.

I got birthday cards from Sophie and from Gramma and Grampa this week. That was kinda fun. We get our mail about every other week at district meetings, or when we go to Madrid for temple trips or zone conferences. So basically we get the mail when we get the mail.

Yesterday was the birthday of one of the elders in our district, so we went to Alcalá for a bit of a birthday party. But first, we had to clean our piso, go grocery shopping, shop for capris. And by the time we everyone got to Alcalá, we started about an hour later than we had planned. We ate lunch and then went bowling. We had a pretty good time. With all the traveling, and things we needed to do, we just didn't have time to finish our emails. Hope you weren't too worried.

Hope that Girl's camp is good, and that everyone manages to get along without mom.

Love, Amber

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