Monday, June 25, 2012

An Awesome Week!

Hello Family!!!!
It is crazy to think that a whole transfer has gone by.  Today they called us to tell us that my companion, Hna. Worthen, is getting transferred.  I'll be staying here though, so I'm kinda excited to see who my new companion will be.  
Our new mission president isn't coming until the middle of July.  His wife is pregnant, and is due at the beginning of July, so they won't be coming out until after that.  I don't know of any other big meetings that we are having, other than this week's transfer meeting.  (Which should be fairly well attended, there are a lot of missionaries leaving/coming in this transfer. )
I can't believe that July is just around the corner.  We stopped to talk to some people yesterday who were putting up their 4th of July decorations.  Which really just made me think that my birthday is just a few weeks away as well.  I can't believe I'm going to be 23, it just sounds so old.  But after my birthday is the wedding.  I hadn't really thought about that until just now as I was reading your email.  
We got a storm watch text last week.  It looked like there was a storm headed our way, but today we got an email from the office saying that this storm probably won't make it to us.  It is supposed to get pretty hot this week.  But it does stay a little cooler (about 5 degrees) here in Galveston, as opposed to in Houston, so that's good.  
Work wise we had an awesome week!  We found a couple new investigators, one of which accepted a date, and had two people come to church!  We also had some really good lessons this week.  We took one of our investigators out to a member's house, and ate dinner with them, and then had a lesson!  It was an amazing lesson.  We are going back out there tonight with him for a FHE.  
We also did some service for our landlord.  Our complex is pretty small, just a few apartments, so we are always willing to help with whatever.  One of the apartments was vacated last week, so we asked if we could help get it ready to rent again.  He asked if we would be willing to help paint.  So Hna. Worthen and I went down one day and started painting, but we realized that it would take us way to long to paint it all, so we invited the rest of our district over.  It was a great district wide service project!  
I think that is about it for this week!
Love you lots!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hello everyone!
It's been a pretty good week here in Galveston!
We have four new investigators this week!  One of them is the mom of a part member family we are teaching.  The dad is a less-active, so we are working with him, and the kids are recent converts. 
We also started teaching this guy, Eric, who we had kinda been playing phone tag with for a few weeks.  But we finally got out to see him, and had a great lesson with him.  He had actually been meeting with missionaries a long time ago, and was thinking about getting baptized, but didn't.  So we set a date with him.  We are hoping that he progress really well, and will actually come to church with us.  
Our other two new investigators are friends who have just recently come up from Mexico.  One of them also accepted a baptismal date. 
We are working on finding new investigators, always.  But we've had some good lessons this week, and had a great lesson with some members at the church.
One of the things we do to help members with missionary work is take them on a tour of the church building.  We ask them about experiences they've had in the different rooms:  relief society, primary, chapel, that sort of thing, and then take them down into the font, and ask them about their baptisms, and which of their friends and/or families they would like to see the font!  It's a way cool experience, and the spirit is really strong.  So we got a couple of referrals of people we can go teach from this family.  Now we just have to do some follow up.  
Our baptism last week got confirmed yesterday.  They did the service right after church, so confirmations were yesterday.  That was really cool.  I also got to accompany the primary sing to their dad's, so that was fun.  
It's crazy how much this little branch reminds me of my first area.  Our proselyting area covers about half of the island, as well as a few towns right on the mainland.  And it being Galveston, not everyone has a car.  It just makes me think of Guadalajara, and all the people who didn't have their own cars, as well as all of our members who lived in the little towns outside of the city.  But I think that is part of the reason why I love it here!
Last week our P-day was pretty fun!  We did some fishing (although, as usual, I did not catch anything!)  But it was still fun.  We had a good little BBQ, and played a little volleyball, and fished.  It was a fun day!
Well, I think that's about it!
Love you all lots!

June 11, 2012

So first off, yesterday was baptism day!  We had the baptism of Sammie, a nine year old, and Yeny, an eight year old (the missionaries have been working to reactivate her family for a while, so she's almost like one of our baptisms,)  and the elders in our branch also had a baptism.  They just did the service right after church, so there were a lot of members there. It was a really neat experience.
Other than Sammie, we haven't been teaching too many people.  We have one investigator, Vidal.  He is the brother of a less active member, and is friend's with Yeny's mom.  So she invited him to come over to her house one night while we were there and we started teaching him.  We just taught him the plan of salvation last week.  I think we are just going to read with him in the Book of Mormon next time.  We've been trying to find new investigators, so we've been calling and stopping by all of the people in our planners.  We had a few lessons on Saturday, but it is really hard to get a hold of some of these people down here.  Hispanics just work and work and work.  I don't get their lifestyle.  So, it's hard to find times when they are willing to listen to us.  But we have the faith that we will find some!  We are doing a lot of finding.  We eat with members about twice a week, and are always looking for more people to share the gospel with.  
Tonight we are going to do a FHE with a part-member family.  We are going to teach them about Lehi's dream.  
We had sister's conference this week.  I got to accompany Hna. Harper again!  I love being able to play for everyone!  Plus, I always play the hymns in all the meetings I go to.  Lots of piano time!  Lots of the sisters gave talks, and Pres. and Sis. Saylin both spoke to us.  We had a question and answer session with president, and then we went over to the mission home for dinner and testimony meeting!  It was a really good meeting, and it was great to hear messages directed to us as sisters, and as sister missionaries.  
Sounds like lots of good wedding stuff is going on!  I bet it's going to get pretty crazy really soon!
Today we are going to have district activity.  We are going to go to a members home and go fishing, and have a pic-nic, and maybe play some volleyball and/or frisbee!  We are pretty stoked!
I'm so happy for Sarah!  That is way exciting! 
Well, I sent some pictures, so I hope everyone enjoys them.
Love you lots!
 Hna. Lewis and Hna. Harper

 Sister Lewis and Hna Lewis!

 Hna Lewis and Sister Holmes

 Hna Matthews, Sister Holmes, Hna Harper, Hna Moreno and Hna Lewis

 Hna Lewis and Hna Alsup

 Hna Moreno (from Spain!) and Hna Lewis

 Sammie and the Ward Mission Leader

 The Hnas. with Sammie and Yeny

 The Hnas with Sammie and her family

The Hnas with Yeny and her family

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tri-Mission Conference and a New Stake in Houston!

Hello family!
I was sad to hear about Gramma Bobbie.  There has always been a part of me that assumed she would just live forever! 
This week has been pretty crazy.  We had a zone meeting this week.  That was a lot of fun.  We learned some new ways to share the gospel with people!  It is just what we were hoping to learn from zone meeting: how to get more people to listen!  
Then on Saturday, we drove up to Houston for a Tri-mission conference.  Elder Paul Johnson of the seventy was in town for our special meeting yesterday, and  had a few hours free in his schedule, so he decided to speak with the missionaries!  The missionaries from the other two Houston missions came as well.   And I finally got to meet Sis. Cable!  She was there, and was looking for me!  He also had a few area authorities with him.  It was a really good meeting!  
Yesterday, they created the 18th stake in Houston.  Which is why that meeting was so historic.  In order to create this stake, they had to shift like 6 other stakes around.   Our stake lost a ward or two to different stakes (it may have even been the new stake) so we were invited to go, even though nothing changed for us down here.  It was not a Spanish-only thing like I had orginially anticipated.  I don't really know why I thought that.  But it was fun to be there, and to see how excited the members were for the growth of the church in Houston!
But there was a lot of traveling this week!
But I had heard about it in my last area, and their  Spanish stakes were affected, so I guess that's how I got things all mixed up. 
We are going to have a baptism this week!  We are pretty excited.  Galveston is a tough area, so we are very excited for her!
I don't really have much else to say, there wasn't a whole lot going on this week.
Love you lots!