Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Working and Teaching

Hope everyone is doing good...

Everything is going great here in Guadalajara. We spent last week focusing on contacts, and I definitely feel more confident with my contacting than before...but I still don't feel very comfortable with them.

We also found some new investigators this week. A young couple from Peru, (who are actually married! After finding so many prospective investigators who aren't married, we were pretty excited.) They had some really good questions and comments in our lesson when we taught the restoration. We are really excited to see them progress. We have just been busy working and teaching.

This past week I have really noticed, or I have been paying attention at least, at how my Spanish has improved. I am no where near perfect, and am definitely not fluent, but it is definitely getting better. I can usually understand what people are saying, and I don't take as long to translate things in my head, if I need to translate at all. It is really amazing at how fast and how much the missionaries are able to learn.

As you can see from the pictures...Spain reminds me a lot of home. The deserty mountains and stuff...the landscape is really similar. Sometimes when we are riding the train it is really easy to forget that I'm in Spain. The mountains, and the freeway nearby, it all reminds me a little of home.

This week hasn't been as hot as before. We had some rain last week (the week before?) and it has been cooling down at night. We haven't had to use a fan to sleep in a while, and only use the ceiling fan during the day. I guess it has been a summer a little crazy this year, and I hope it stays like it is, hot but good. I hope we don't get much more of the crazy hot weather.

I imagine that everyone is super it this week or next that everyone is headed to Washington? I hope that everyone has a blast! I'm sure it will be so much fun to be together with everybody one last time before Gramma and Grampa leave.

This week our P-day is more shopping!

Next week we have intercambios again. I'm going to Barrio 6, the other barrio that is right near the temple. (I actually think that the temple is in the boundaries of Barrio 6.) Anyway, I think it will be a lot of fun, and it is always good to mix things up a little bit. I hope I am going to learn a lot. After the intercambios we always go to the temple, which will be fun, and next week or the week after, we have a "meeting" with all of the hermanas, because half of them are going home this transfer or the next. We are going to eat, and do other stuff I imagine, but we still don't know much.

Which brings me to another exciting point! We are going to get a mini-missionary in Guadalajara! She's only going to be with us for a few weeks, and is coming from the Canary Islands. We're not quite sure when she'll get here, but are super excited to have one more missionary with us!

I want to see lots of photos of the vacations in Washington!
And because there aren't any questions of things for me to respond to...I don't have anything else to say!

Love you lots!

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