Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy P-Days

July 6.
I have just about a year left. It's a little weird when I think about how much time is left rather than how long I have been here.

This weekend started the festivals, or celebrations of something, ( I think it is of Guadalajara, or Castilla-La Mancha) So there was a firework show in the park, which is just a few streets away from ours. We could hear the fireworks, but couldn't see them...So it was almost like the Fourth of July.

I didn't think you would be too worried, but I know that you expect emails on Wednesday. And our P-days get really busy because we are far away from the other elders in our district, and all the cool things to see. It takes us about 20 min. on the train to get to Alcalá (where we have our district meetings, and went bowling) but we also have to account for time in the bus, time waiting for the train, and all that stuff. And so when we have lessons a little bit earlier in the afternoon, our P-days get really crowded.

My hair is super long, at least for me. It does get really hot, but if it's strait its not quite as hot. And much easier to put in a ponytail. It is hot here, but I think that I'm adjusting to it. And its a dry heat, just like home, so its not too different, just a little bit hotter.

Still no news on the package, but once it gets to Spain, it sits in the air conditioned mission office until it gets to me...We have interviews with Pres. Watkins on Friday, maybe he will bring it with him.

So excited to hear about Ben! I'm glad he got to go, and that he got to have all his family there with him.

Funny experience of the week: We contacted a man in the street, and set up an appointment for the next day, during our mediodía. But that day was Tuesday, and we were in Alcalá for our district meeting, and got back to Guadalajara later than we expected, so we rescheduled for that evening. When we got to his house, with a pregnant member to accompany us, we were quietly ushered in to find other investigators, and a lot of people in the piso. And then we listened to a sales pitch for a health product company that uses a pyramid scheme to push its product. And when it was over, the representatives, and our investigator kept asking us about the company, about what we thought...and because I'm American, they wanted to know my opinion on this American-based company. It was really funny, and I felt so bad for the member we brought with us.

Today for P-day we went to Toledo. The city is gorgeous, and has way more history than Guadalajara. Apparently the Jews, Muslims, and Catholics all lived in this town, in peace for about 700 years. It has some cool cathedrals, synagogs, and mosques. You'll have to do a little more research on the internet, but the town is just beautiful. It has more of a feel of what you would picture Spain to be...I think. I have some pictures that I will send you. We are doing our email session in two trips today, so I'll work on pictures later. To get to Toledo we had to take the train to the station in Madrid, where we bought tickets for another train.
Its like the difference between commuter light rail, and the Amtrax. (I think...I've never been on the Amtrax, but from what I know that is how I am going to describe it.)
Anyway, if you do come to get me next year, we will have to make a trip to Toledo.

Love you lots!

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