Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Intercambio!

Hello everybody!

I hope that nobody feels too lame about last week, I had guessed that it was because people were traveling, or up at Gramma's.

Sounds like Gramma's house was a party...and then some! Super busy, I wonder how anyone got the chance to sleep!

I bet Tricia's baby will be super cute! I also think that Tricia has to be super cute right now! I also can't believe that Shaylene is getting married! That's a little wierd to think about, but I'm sure that her fíancee has to be a really great guy! If you send a card or gift or something, make sure to say that I wish them the best, and am sad that I can't be there!

I can't believe that Brenna has been dating a guy! Actually, let's be honest here, of couse I can! It just kinda took me by surprise when I read about it! I hope that she gets to have some good college experiences too! But I'm sure that her good college experience will involve a lot more dates than mine did!

I do think I'll get around to baking the cake. It will just take awhile to do in our apartment because we have to bake two smaller cakes instead of one big one...Maybe I will find a way to bake a big one and take it to our district meeting...But then again, I kinda just want to eat the frosting! And I'm fairly certain that I will want some thermals...It sounds like it gets to be pretty cold, and we are always in the street!

As for things here...It's going pretty good. We had kinda a slow week last week, but I think things are going to get better. I had a good time during the intercambios. Barrio 6 does include the temple. So I learned how to give a tour of the temple grounds, even though we didn't actually have a lesson there. It's always fun to meet more people, get to be in a different area, and to be able to learn from another sister. And it was fun to have other sisters in the piso, (Hna. Hernandez and Hna. Long), and kinda weird to run into the Elders in the street. And then this morning we went to the temple, and ate lunch with all of the Hermanas. It was sort of a goodbye party because so many are leaving so soon. It was a lot of fun to get to talk to the other hermanas and just kinda hang out at the temple.

We contacted a lady in the street Monday before we went to Madrid. She is actually an old investigator, and so we fixed a lesson with her. I didn't get to go to the lesson, but Hna. Marín fixed a baptismal date with her. Maybe we will have a baptism the last week of Hna. Marín's mission! That's kinda exciting.

Saturday we had an activity at a campground nearby. That was kinda fun. And good for the investigators to get to interact with the members in a totally chill setting...especially one of our "investigators." We haven't started teaching him yet, but he is sharing an apartment with one of the members, and we have been invited to pass by this house quite often. So, we are laying some ground work.

Our calendar is starting to fill up fast with dinner appointments and such...Everyone wants to say goodbye to Hna. Marín!

The work just keeps on going in Guadalajara!

I got a birthday card from Gramma Gerrie this week. Today, actually, it came with our Liahonas and stuff. Love the birthday wishes! Don't know what I'm going to do witht the 20 dollar bill she sent me!

I hope that everyone is having a great time with all of the vacations! (And I hope that there is no family member who sends a curse to Yellowstone, and that there is a lot of sun and very little rain!)

Love, Amber

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