Monday, April 4, 2011

Surpise Email - last one from the MTC!

Because we are leaving tomorrow, we get to email our families today!!!!

Wasn't conference soooo great? I loved it so much!!!! We watched the Saturday morning session Saturday night at 6. Sunday morning we watched Priesthood, Saturday afternoon, & Sunday morning sessions. And we watched Sunday afternoon this morning.

All of the missionaries who are serving in the Madrid Stakes got to come and
watch conference in the Stake Center on the Temple grounds. In between the Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning sessions, we went down to the temple grounds and chatted with all the missionaries! So we got to see Hna. Wilson, Elder Ashworth, Elder Raiano (the one who broke his foot) as well as a few other missionaries we had bumped into during our stay here.

But we also got to meet our trainers and find out where we are going!!!!!
My trainer is going to be Hna. MarĂ­n, and we will be serving in Guadalajara. It's about as far away from Madrid as sisters get. She's a native Spaniard, so I know that my Spanish will improve very quickly, as will her English, because all the natives are encouraged to learn. Everybody tells me that she is a great missionary.

They also introduced me to a member or an investigator or something.
(I don't really know, they were speaking in Spanish very fast) They told me that she makes the best juice in the world, and that her food is some of the best. I think they said something about eating there this week, I don't really know. But they said that her house is the best!

I also ran into Elder Knorr, (the one with the mission blog).
He and I knew each other from High School, and I met another Elder I went to school with, Elder Stone. (He was one of my driving buddies when we practiced on the range at school.) So we took a picture of the three Timpanogos kids serving in Madrid. He found it funny that I go into the field the week he leaves. It might get posted on his blog, so keep an eye out for that.

The missionaries have all been out and about this week as transfers are happening right now.
They've been going to the temple and conference and meetings and stuff, so we see them down on the temple grounds. It is a little weird to think that we are going to be with them in just a few hours!

We are busy packing away, I forget just how much stuff I have!

I got the family newsletter today! I love reading everybody's letters!
Also, every time I read I learn about something happening in our family that you forget to mention to me! This time I learned that Brenna is going to the State Solo/Ensemble festival.
I am so proud of her and so excited for her! I I know that she will do great!

Love you lots!

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