Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First day in Guadalajara

Today (Wednesday) is Pday, so I get to write you again. But it feels a little weird since I emailed you just the other day.

But things are going great! We had an orientation meeting with the (mission) president yesterday, and afterward, Pres. and Sis. Watkins drove us out to the mission home where they fed Hna. Marín and me lunch. (The others weren't as lucky as they were all going to areas fairly close and in the other direction). Then Sis. Watkins drove us out to Guadalajara. It is really beautiful here!

Our piso (apartment) is pretty small, but it is fairly nice. We live fairly close to everything, and I can see why they don't need cars or bikes here.

Last night we met a few people. We first stopped at the home of a recent convert Evelyn, and an investigator, Ana. Evelyn introduced Ana to the missionaries, and now we are teaching both of them, as well as all the children who live there. (Ana and her family live with Evelyn and her family) It was a crazy lesson, and we didn't get much teaching done, between the kids and the neighbor who stopped by, but it was fun, and I think that the neighbor said she would come to church with them.

Then we met up with another recent convert Josetty, who is the lady they introduced me to at conference. She just got baptized a few weeks ago! After that we did some contacting in the street, and then went to the chapel where we taught Jorge. Jorge has a baptismal date for next Saturday!

The chapel here is on the ground floor of one of the buildings, and is really small. They tell me that the rama (the branch) is really small, but that the members are all really good. (The chapel isn't that big, so it must be a pretty small branch.)

It is just Hna. Marín and me out here in Guadalajara. We are the very last branch in the Madrid East Stake. But we can't be more than about an hour or an hour and half away from Madrid (at least I don't think so, I wasn't really paying attention when we drove out here yesterday, but we weren't in the car much longer than that.)

The chapel is fairly close to where we live, and both are close to the main street. There is a walkway in the middle of the street separating the traffic, and that is the best place for contacts I guess. It seems like there are a lot of different people who use that street. And from what I can tell, the investigators all live fairly close to it.

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing good! I can't believe that we are already into April, it seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to go in to the MTC! Time really does move quickly here!

Love, Amber

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