Sunday, April 3, 2011

Almost Time to Leave the MTC!

I'm glad to hear that your trip was great! But I knew you would have a good time.

We leave on Tuesday, which is so close. It sort of feels like we've had our last real day of class.
We'll have class again tomorrow, but because Friday is in between P-Day and the Park, I can never remember what we do on Fridays. So tomorrow will be our last real day of class. Saturday we will still go to the Park, but then we will start Conference.
Sunday we will watch three sessions of conference. President Earl lets the sisters watch
the Priesthood session. And Monday morning we will watch the last one.

Pres. Watkins will come to get us on Tuesday Morning, and Hna Greer does get to come with us. They do some sort of orientation or training or something here at the MTC before they send us out. I'm glad that we get to do that here, and that I don't have to take a train or anything first!

All the teachers here are natives, but they all speak English. So our classes are in both English and Spanish. And they have been teaching here for a while. I guess it is hard to find people who live in Madrid, are returned missionaries, and speak English. So they hang on to teachers when they get them. We also have teachers who come only at night and help us with our teaching skills. They speak English, but teach only in Spanish. That has helped with the natives too.

We were thinking about how missionaries at the Provo MTC start to feel really comfortable with their Spanish. They can talk to each other, their teachers, that sort of thing. But then they get in the field and realize that they can't speak any Spanish. That is not going to happen here. I know that I can't really understand what people are telling me. Last week in the Park, Hna Greer and I were talking to a man, and he started talking about something, but neither one of us knew what he said. This kind of thing happens a lot in the park. We often just smile and nod, and bear testimony of something.

I believe that P-Day is Wednesday, so you'll know pretty quickly where I am.

We were so excited for Hna Greer, and for the Elders she flew over with. There are six new elders in the district behind us. It had gotten pretty lonely with just the four of us. We love having more people to talk to!

Well, I can't think of anything else, we've just been busy learning and practicing, and getting ready for the field.

Love you lots!

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