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I think that 5:30 will work just fine. I haven't had a problem with the internet yet, but I haven't been Skyping, so we will see how that goes. (We might be a little bit later - last week we had to move Hna. Marín's call back like 40 min.) We have about 40-60 minutes to talk.

Things are going really good with Jeaneth. She understands what we teach really well, especially the great apostasy, which can be pretty difficult for some people. She has a granddaughter, Sheimy, who is 9 yrs. old, and is working on the paperwork to become her legal guardian. It is very possible that we will get to have two baptisms. Yesterday, we invited her to be baptized, and she accepted. We have a little bit of work to do because she smokes, but only two cigarettes a day, and really wants to quit but doesn't think that she can. I think that she can do it!

So far no new investigators, at least that I can think of, but we are teaching quite a bit. We teach a lot of less actives. Last week we had a lot of less actives come to church, which was really good.

The Easter treats were delicious, and were still in tact!

For my birthday I could use another skirt like the ones we bought from ModBod. I wear them ALL the time. I would also like another dress (but that is more of a want than a need). As of right now, I can't think of anything. But I will think about it this week and let you know later.

The intercambio (exchange) was so great! My companion was Hna. Londoño, who is originally from Columbia, but has been living in Spain for the past few years. She served in Guadalajara for like seven months. Hna. Marín was her replacement. We had like eight lessons, which is really good for the first few days of the week in Madrid. I had a great time!

All of the other sisters share apartments with another companionship, so there were more sisters in the piso, which was fun as well. I got to go to their district meeting, which they held in the Institute (one of the floors in the MTC). Their district includes the Senior Couples serving in the YSA center and in the Employment Center. The Employment Missionaries are leaving this week, so their replacements were here as well!

After our meeting, we had enchiladas. Each of the companionships brought something different, and then the Senior Sisters put them together. They were so delicious! (and made with enchilada sauce from the states. The couple that made the enchiladas had their daughter mail them some!) After our district meetings we usually just have snacks. But they had lunch, complete with Texas Sheet Cake.

They have a really great investigator they are teaching, and yesterday we invited her to be baptized, which was fun. And then we went to the YSA FHE with her. It was fun to be in Madrid, and to have a little change. The work in Madrid is so different than the work in Guadalajara. I guess it is the difference in the big city and the small city. There were people everywhere!

Fun little side note: The Senior Missionaries can communicate with us in Spanish. I think some of the Elders served their missions in Spanish speaking countries, but even the Sisters can communicate with us. I know that Gramma and Grampa will have to learn enough Russian to get along!

The language is coming along. I can understand just about everything now. Especially in the lessons, because that is the vocabulary I am most familiar with. When we first get to the house and have a little bit of get to know you stuff, I generally don't understand as much, but I do understand most. And I am speaking a lot more. My main problem is putting together phrases. Once I think about how I would answer a question, they have moved on to something else. But I am making progress.

This morning we went to the Temple! All the Sisters were on Intercambios, and the Temple was a great place to reunite! And a lot of the Elders came too! This P-Day is pretty laid back. After the Temple we came back to Guadalajara and are going to go grocery shopping (and maybe buy some shoes).

I guess that is all until Sunday!
Love, Amber

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