Monday, November 12, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hello family!
Wasn't conference just great!! I can't believe it's over though, it all went by so fast.  We got to watch conference at one of the buildings in our stake, but other than the missionaries, there were only two other members there on Saturday, a handful Sunday morning, and somewhere in between for Sunday afternoon.  There were a lot of people who stayed home and watched I guess.  But we had a grea time!   I was all excited about the temple in Peru!  That's where Simon is from, and I know a couple other members who lived there or served missions there.  I think this is the first time that a foreign temple announcement has been so real for me, knowing how it really will impact the members there.  Then we heard about the missionaries!  We are all stoked, and a few of the elders were talking about how their little brothers or sisters could leave right now, or before they get back.  We all thought it was really neat.  As we walked out of Saturday morning session we were all talking about it and remembering how conference used to be like 80 hours long every session, and that the last two hours had just flown by. 
(We also think we need to put some signs on our cars that say "Questions? Ask the missionaries...they can help you!"
We didn't get any investigators to conference, but we got some recent converts who we weren't sure would be able to make it so that was fun.  The ward that meet in the building also did a pot-luck in between Sunday sessions. 
But other than conference...
We found a few more new people to teach this week.  We'll go back and see them tomorrow or wednesday.  We taught some less actives this week.  We stopped by on Monday, talked with them, and then set up an appointment to come back later.  The day we stopped by was the day that Hermano's father had passed away.  It was really neat to see the Lord prepare them and us to be in the right place and the right time.  It's been a pretty good week. 
They have cut down on MTC time.  Hna. Cardoza said that her group was one of the last to do 9 weeks at the MTC, now they'll do 6.  We've also had that 12 week program thing for a while.  I had the privilege of doing when I got to Texas, since they had done it as a mission, and I didn't get to do it.  It really just means and extra hour of comp study and a program to follow.  New missionaries don't really learn how to teach the lessons at the MTC, so they get to learn it in the field!
I keep forgetting my camera, so I'll get some pictures next week!
Well....I think that's it for now!
Love you lots!

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