Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A little late this week...

Hello everyone!
Sorry it's a bit later in the week, but Monday the library was closed for Veteran's Day, and yesterday we had zone conference, so we weren't able to email until today.  Our zone conference was great!  We learned a lot of great things that will definitely make a difference in our work.  We are really excited to go try it out!
We've had a pretty good week.  We found some new investigators this week.  They had been attending the church for about two years, pretty regularly, and then they started working on Sundays.  One of their sons got baptized, so it was good to be able to meet with him!  They are excited to have the missionaries in their home again.  Maybe now they'll be in a position to get baptized.  
We are still working with our 12 yr. old.  She's so great!  She loves when we come by, and is reading in the Book of Mormon.  We just have to get her to church, which is tricky, given her crazy family situation.  We've got some one to go over and get her, but the real problem is making sure she's there.   We are going to go see her later tonight though, which should be really good, and should help us be able to find a way to get her to church.  
The mission has been having a big "de-junking" project.  Missionaries have been bringing all of their extra stuff to the mission office.  We've been cleaning it and getting it ready for a community outreach program that happened on Saturday.  But before that they did a "missionary mall."  So all the missionaries got to come up to Houston, and we looked for stuff we needed, (we happened to need a blender)  and then they opened it up to the public.  Missionaries had been inviting investigators and members and others to come.  And the best part was that it was all free!  The mission figured that we might as well give all this stuff that we had just lying around to those who could really need it. 
One of the ladies that I taught while I was in Houston 4 came with the sisters to take a look around, so I got to talk to her for a minute, and I learned that she is getting baptized this week!  It's been really cool to see how the people that I've met with are now coming into the gospel.  I had taught this lady for a few weeks, but it was really good to see how much she's grown!  It's been a really good week!  We ended up teaching a lot of people.  We've got a few investigators, and our next step is to help them get ready to be baptized.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but we are really excited for it!
Well, I think that's about it!
Love you lots!
Also, I forgot to tell you about Thanksgiving.  We don't really know what we'll be doing, but we did get invited to eat with one of the counselors in the branch presidency.  They actually belong to one of the English wards, but because there isn't enough leadership in the branch, the stake calls some people from the other wards to help.  So it looks like it'll be a good old fashioned thanksgiving.  The branch is also having a Thanksgiving activity the Saturday after, so we'll also get to try Thanksgiving-Mexican style!  We're both kinda excited about it.  But I imagine our plans will fill up as the weeks go on.

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