Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things are going good in Houston

Hello Family!
Things are going good here in Houston.  Although this last week it has started to get pretty hot.  And although the humidity doesn't really bother me like it did the first day,  I can definitely tell that the humidity makes a difference.  
I can imagine that wedding planning is pretty chaotic, especially if you're not quite sure what you're looking for.  But I guess it is a good way to stay busy.
It sounds like youth conference was good!  I'm glad that everybody had a good time. 
Hna. Alsup is the youngest of four girls.  She grew up in San Diego, although her family has moved to Utah over the last few years.  She went to BYU, and also got her master's at BYU.  In a lot of ways we are pretty similar.  
Brenna's flight sounds like a real adventure.  I just wasn't sure if it was an experience because it was Brenna who was flying, or if it really was a bad flight experience.  But I'm glad that she got there and back in one piece.  
We've got a good little pool of investigators right now.  And we've managed to find a few that really seem to have potential.  Sometimes people will let us in, and we'll teach them a few times, but we aren't quite sure if they are really going to understand and get baptized,  but right now almost all of our investigators seem like they'll be willing to make that step one day.  
Those little miracles are things like people who will really listen to you during a contact, so you can teach a little bit more than just "we're missionaries, and what we have to say will bless your life."  Or when a street contact will invite us in right on the spot, so we get to teach a first lesson right then and there.  And sometime people are just ready to accept the gospel,  so when people say "yeah of course"  it comes as a kind of shock, because we are so used to hearing no.  
I can't believe that this is the last week of the transfer.  It seems so unreal.  It really feels like I just got here yesterday, and yet it feels like I've been here forever.  But that is just how mission time goes.
Sometimes it feels like I've got forever to go, but then when I break the time down into transfers, it seems so short.  Especially since the time I spent in Spain seems so short looking back at it.
I'm finding myself thinking less and less about Spain.  It was a little weird to have to adapt to a new mission and a new mission culture, but I'm learning to love Houston!
Last week we had a zone p-day activity.  They divided the zone up into teams, and then we had an olympics/amazing race activity.  So that was pretty fun.  And today we are going to do something with our district, although we are still figuring out the details.  
Church was good this last weekend, although the English wards had stake conference this weekend, so we had the whole building to ourselves.  We had come early for meetings and whatnot, and the parking lot was absolutely empty.  It kinda reminded me of when the Portugese ward was meeting in our building, and they had stake conference, or world cup games or whatever, and no one was there when they were supposed to be.  
I think that's it for now!
Love you lots, Amber

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