Monday, October 31, 2011

October 27

Well, today, (the 27th) is a very rainy day in Madrid.

I actually got the Webb family newsletter yesterday...I was fairly surprised. We went to the mission home for an activity of hermanas, (we carved pumpkins) and Hna. Watkins had to make a quick trip to the office for some Book of Mormons for some of the other hermanas, and there was the letter waiting for me...It must have gotten there yesterday.

And yes, I do get the pictures from the blog of gramma and grampa
Sounds like the family is super busy!

Things are going great here! We are still teaching our family, and the lessons are going really well. We are working on fixing a baptismal date with her, but she wants to be really sure that if she changes religion, that she's going to be making the right change, but is willing to make the change when she gets there...We're going to help her get there faster than the thinks!

We also started teaching another man, he's about 60 yrs. old. And our first lesson with him was amazing. When he didn't show up we gave him a call, and he told us to come back later that evening. We didn't think he'd show up the second time around, but there he was. We were pretty much blown away by the answers he gave to our questions. He told us that his Catholic baptism wasn't really a baptism because he was a baby and doesn't remember a thing...not many people say that. We have another appointment with him tonight.

I'm so excited to hear where Jake is going on his mission! A new elder entered the field last week, and right now is with the elders in our ward. Our district leader told us that there is going to be a new elder in the district, and that he happens to be Elder Lewis...And for a minute a thought! Hey, maybe it's my cousin, but then I thought no, my family would've told me, and I'm pretty sure his birthday is in January. Everybody keeps asking if we're related...especially the members in our ward.

This week is the last week of the transfer, but things being what they are, we're pretty sure that I'm staying here with Hna. Pulgar (although there are 4 hermanas who are entering the field this transfer, and no body ever knows what's going to happen.)

I think that Rootbeer happens to be a very American thing (like maple syrup) I can't find rootbeer anywhere, or maple syrup, and what do you put on a pancake if you don't have maple syrup...sometimes the small things are the things you miss the most, or the things that you notice the most.

Well, I think that's about it...
Love you lots!

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