Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Investigator!

Hello for reals!

Well this week we found a new investigator! She is actually a reference from a member, and is really amazing. She has a 7 yr old son, who turns 8 in November (It may be a two for one) She is really open to listening, and is looking for a church that can really fill her soul. She came to church this last week, and got up and bore her testimony. (This week was fast and testimony meeting, after gen. conf. and our stake conf.) It was really great to listen to what she said. We are both pretty excited to be able to keep teaching her.

We may have found some future investigators in the house of a member...but we're still working on that.

We ate in the homes of a member a few times this week, along with our elders. I'm always amazed at how much food elders can eat. It's incredible.

We had intercambios this week, but did them in our piso. Hna. PĂ©rez came to Barrio 2 with me, and Hna. Pulgar went to Barrio 4. It was nice not to have to lug our luggage around. This week was our temple trip, and afterwards we went to the park and had a pic-nick, and played some uno. It was a pretty good way to spend a p-day, and we are enjoying the last bits of summer. This week it has really started to cool off. The last few weeks were cold in the morning and at night, but hot during the day. The changes in temperature gave just about all the missionaries colds and/or the flu.

I didn't realize that Ryan is taking piano lessons. I guess it gives him something to do. And I guess now is the time for recitals and performances, which really just means that we (or you) get to eat a lot of ice cream and yummy treats!

-And don't worry, we all get along great in the piso! We're actually hoping that nobody gets transferred next week. It's pretty unusual to have so many natives in one apartment that it's really fun for them...and they all tell me that I'm great to have around as well, since I'm not the typical Utah missionary-

Last year I had heard about the "witch's night out" parties that some people had, they sounded really fun. And I love the idea for a hat...I'd love to see a pic!

How fun for the girls soccer team!

Holy cow! It sounds like Gramma and Grampa are busier than I am! I didn't think they had so many things to do! I guess it's good that they are keeping busy!

And just a thought-I have officially hit (more or less) the half way point of my mission! It's really weird to think about! I can't believe that it's almost been nine months.

I can't think of anything else to say...
Love you lots!

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