Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 12


First, I guess some happy birthday wishes are HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

I was thinking the other day that it was probably time for a change in the bishopric. That's exciting, and I'm sure that it will be great.

I hope that nobody gets too bored on Sundays! (Although Sundays are great days for writing letters to your favorite missionary!)

I guess it's good to have some "normal" weeks at home. And birthday shopping is always great!

We are still looking for more people to teach, but we have a couple of good references from the other Madrid missionaries, and a few more people that we are starting to teach, so things are starting to look a little bit better.

There is absolutely no English in the piso. We speak Spanish all the time (which is why my Spanish is so good!) The native speakers learn and practice their English more when they are in piso with Americans.

Hna. Pulgar is from Valencia. Her dad is a Spaniard, and her mom is from the Philippines. Her family joined the church when she was about 8, so they are all members.

Today, we are going Ice Skating! Should be lots of fun.

Just so you know, we usually do our email in the afternoon because the locutorios are about the only things open during mediodía, but sometimes the activities that we want to do require a different email schedule.

The week before General Conference was the Ward Conference, and last week was our Stake Conference, so we've been sitting in Conference a lot these past few weeks.

Also, I loved reading about the trip (Grandma and Grandpa's) to the Opera. It's a little sad that we (the young missionaries) can't participate in stuff like that, but it sounds like it all depends on your mission president. I've heard stories about missionaries that could go to approved opera performances, or plays, and even missonaries that had permission to choose between a bull fight or a soccer game. But right now we don't have that privilege. I'll just have to learn about the Spanish culture through the members and my companions!

Well, I think that's about it for now, maybe I'll send some pictures!
Love, Amber

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