Thursday, September 22, 2011


Greetings from...Madrid-Barrio 2 to be exact. That's right, transfers happened.

They actually pulled the Hermanas from Guadalajara, now there are Elders.
For a couple of reason I think. 1st, because it's what the Lord wants. 2nd, because 5 hermanas went home this transfer, and none entered the field. And 3rd, because there just aren't sisters there to help us out.

The sisters that helped the most were pregnant, and gave birth this past weekend, or spend a lot of time on bed rest for a troublesome pregnancy. And there are 3 boys preparing to serve missions who can help the elders a ton. And because we didn't have sisters to come with us, we had to cancel lessons, or teach lessons in the street.

So I'm here in Barrio 2 (2nd Ward)...we live behind the Plaza de Toros, but other than that, I'm not exactlly sure where I am...North east part of Madrid (I think).

My new companion is Hna. Pulgar...that is my third Spaniard for a companion. That's right 3...And we share a piso with Hna. Pérez, and her new companion, Hna. Farías, who is from Argentina. So I live with 3 native Spanish speakers...Still can't believe my luck...I think The Lord really wants me to learn Spanish.

Didn't even realize that it is football season...I'm so lost here. But I guess that's good.

I felt kinda bad to leave the elders with an area with no investigators. We were still looking for people, and the investigator that was progressing most, will not continue with the elders...but I'm sure the elders will run into him and help him along, even if its just a little bit.

Ward conference, sounds like fun...I have yet to experience a ward/stake conference here...but I think that Guadalajara had its ward conference before I got there, and I think stake conference was a month or so before general day I'll get to go to one. But General Conference is coming up...Yay!

Sounds like school is going great for Sophie...Choir and dance classes sound just like her! (And planning what teachers she wants in the future too!)

I didn't really think that you would be able to come get me...after hearing the stories about the mattresses, the washing machine, and the wall repairs, I didn't think it was going to happen...and to be honest, if I start law school next year, I don't really want you to come...I'd rather spend a week or two at home before we head out east. And I think a trip out east would be fun!

I'll start thinking about Christmas things...But it feels a little bit early to be thinking about Christmas...(although I guess that you can buy Christmas stuff already)...and you know how I feel about thinking about Christmas early...but I'll get around to it and let you know.

Love you all lots!

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