Wednesday, September 28, 2011

People Everywhere!

I'm super excited to be in the city...and I was ready for a change from Guadalajara.

I bet we will do a few temple tours, but we don't actually meet in the stake center (which is the building at temple square).

Our chapel is pretty close to our piso, but we are about 30min. from the temple. We pretty much run by metro stops. Our metro is Ventas, and the temple is at Pavones. (Just in case you wanted to look and see.) We live in Calle Colomer.

We have quite a few less actives, and recent converts that we are working with, but we don't have too many investigators...we are still looking.

The main difference between Guadalajara and Madrid is that there are people everywhere! So many more people here...and they all have some place to be. In Guadalajara, the people would stop and talk to us for the most part, but here everyone has somewhere to be and something to makes contacting a little bit more difficult. We do most of our contacting in the street. There are several main streets in our area, so there are a lot of people around. We seem to be more centrally located than I thought last week.

We were talking about learning to drive the other day, the differences between here and home, so I was thinking about Ryan in driver's ed. And I had to explain a little bit about the ranging process.

I'm glad that Brenna has a calling, sounds like it will be fun. And she will definitely learn a lot more from conference at's just to easy to do other things at college, or throw a conference party and miss out on all the talks, even though the T.V. is tuned to conference.

I can't imagine Sophie not loving dance, choir, and violin. It sounds just like her!

I had heard about MagicJack, I think, but maybe the name just sounds familiar. But its great that you can talk with the senior missionaries, although I can't really imagine the senior missionaries living the same rules that we just doesn't seem right.

Have lots of fun at the family party this weekend!
Love, Amber

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