Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Great Week in Guadalajara!

It was a great week in Guadalajara. The baptism of Jenny was great! The spirit was really strong, and it was great to hear her testimony. You could tell that she was really
grateful for what we had done, and was really excited for her baptism.

We have spent a lot of time ¨knocking doors¨ and we do spend most of the time pushing buttons until someone lets us in. But sometimes we get references that way. We are going to start working in the small towns just outside of Guadalajara. We are having a hard time
finding people, so we are thinking about trying something a little bit different. I think that there are a lot of people who live in these towns that have never heard of the church. I hope that we'll find people there!

Hna. Pérez is from Málaga. Her parents are members, but her siblings aren't. And she got baptized with her parents when she was 9. So she's been a member for just as long as
other missionaries, but in a little bit different way.

But it sounds like you have had a busy week. With all the out and about. I sure hope that everything goes well. I'm sure that Brenna will have everything packed and ready to go when its time to leave, even if she finishes just when time runs out. Hopefully everybody can get plenty of rest this weekend. I'm sure that everyone will need it.

This week we had intercambios. I stayed in Guadalajara with Hna. McMurray. (The hermana who is friends with the elder who served in Wenatchee. Somebody was telling me about her a while back) She was serving in Guadalajara before I was, so we visited her converts and the less actives that she worked with while she was here. It was fun for everybody to get to see her again, and was fun for her to get to see them. But she loved visiting with our converts and investigators as well. The intercambios can be a logistics nightmare, especially since we are so far away from all of the other hermanas, but in the end I do enjoy them. I enjoy working with the other hermanas, even if I don't get to leave my area.

Today was temple day! I love going to the temple! And then we ate lunch with some of the hermanas who are leaving next week, and then we went to visit a convert of Hna. Pérez.
It was fun to see all of the other missionaries at the temple, and to be able to spend some more time with them. Next week are the changes, well next week is the last week of the transfer. And I have a feeling that I might be leaving, but I also feel like I might be staying for one more transfer. But my time in Guadalajara definitely feels like it's running out.

Glad to see that Gramma and Grampa made it to Russia alright. I was thinking about them all weekend. I'm sure they'll have a great experience.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say, and I have pictures to send!

Love, Amber

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