Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

First off:
Hope you had a great birthday, and a great father's day too!

Everything has been good here. For our P-Day we went to the mission home with most of the missionaries in our zone, as well as the Madrid South zone. (Be sure to look for pictures on the mission blog!) It was really fun, but because the mission home is kinda far away, and we have a lesson a little bit earlier tonight, I will finish my email tomorrow, but wanted to get it started and send off something so that you don't worry too much.
Everything is going really well, and we have a baptism the Saturday! Bryan, who is 11 years old. We have been teaching his family, and we are super excited for the baptism! And I am way more excited for this than for our almost baptism of Jorge, because I have been teaching this family the whole time, and I have been able to see them progress. Everybody, even the family thought that the older brother would get baptized first, but nope. It's the younger one. The older needs a little bit more time, a little bit of understanding, and we need to help him realize that he doesn't need to be perfect to be baptized.
I just about died (of laughter) last week when I read that Sophie won the game of Settlers, and have been thinking about it all week long. In a kind of I-can't-believe-she-won way, and only when something reminds me of her.
I will finish it off tomorrow!
Love, Amber

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