Thursday, June 23, 2011

Definitely Hotter this Week!

I hope that everyone is doing great! And I hope that Sophie will have a great time with Gramma and Grampa this summer. I finally sent some letters to Brenna and Sophie...but now Sophie is in Washington. I guess you will be able to get it to her. I expect letters and pics of New York (Brenna can email the pics) I also expect that Sophie will polish her Settlers skills up at Gramma's house.

It is weird to realize just how much shuffling the missionary department does. You think that it would be simple, you get your call and you go where they send you. I didn't really think about it until we got to Spain, there are a lot of missionaries here to had to do some visa waiting in another mission, and had their reporting dates changed and stuff. One of the new hermanas is from Argentina, and had to wait seven months for her visa. And the Spaniards who go to America have to visa wait as well, so they start off here in Madrid. I had never thought about all of the logistics of the missionary department, but there are a lot of things they have to deal with.
And I am excited for Tragen, I know he'll do great! (I love reading about this kinda stuff!)

I can't think about Ryan and High Adventure camp without laughing. I'm sure that he will have a great time...and I expect to read about ALL of his adventures next when he gets back.

It has definitely gotten hotter this week. And Monday we had our intercambios. Hna. MarĂ­n went to Madrid and told me that it is hotter here than in Madrid. Yep, it's hot. You'll have to check the internet for weather reports, because I have no idea what temperature it is. Because they use Celsius here, I have no idea what 35, 38 degrees is, I just know that it is hot. (I don't think I really want to know what the conversion is.)

We have been having some good lessons. Yesterday, we were able to fix a baptismal date with Bryan, the younger of the two boys. Anibal wants to wait a little bit longer to better know the church, but I think he will come around really soon. Their parents are divorced, and they only need the permission of their mom. Monday, before we went to Madrid for intercambios, we talked with her. She had a lot of good questions, and told us that she would talk with both of them and think it over. Yesterday, she told us that if they want to they can, but they need to really feel that this is the right thing, and they have to be committed to it. Which is why I think Anibal wants to wait, but with a little bit of time and some good discussions with us, and the youth, I know that he will want to, and I think it won't be very long.

We have another investigator, Patricia, who is amazing. Sunday, the Relief Society class was on obedience, but they ended up talking a lot about the word of wisdom, so yesterday we taught Patricia the word of wisdom. It was a great lesson, and she agreed to live it, which isn't too hard because she doesn't drink, doesn't really like coffee, and has already given up smoking. She is becoming good friends with the member who is also pregnant. They are definitely going to be friends for a while.

Yesterday, we went to visit an investigator, but he wasn't home, so we tried to visit some old investigators in the same neighborhood. We found one who still lives in their piso, (these investigators are several years old) and had a good lesson with her.

For our P-Day today, we went to the Parque Europa. It was kinda cool. It has miniature attractions of all the things you would want to see in Europe - the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge, windmill, Greek Statues, cool stuff like that.

Love you lots!

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