Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy with Missionary Work


Glad to hear that the weekend was great! Sounds like it was a bunch of fun. And I'm sure that everyone is glad that it is over and that you all have a chance to relax a little bit. I'm a little bit sad that I couldn't be there, but only a little bit! I hope that Brenna and Gramma and Grampa are enjoying their time in New York.

Things are going good with our investigators. We think that we can fix baptismal dates with the nephews sometime this week. The couple isn't married, and they have to wait for their Spanish residency in order to be married here. Sometimes the South American countries will let couples get married in the Embassy, and their marriage is legal in their country. But this family is from Venezuela, and the relationship between Venezuela and Spain isn't all that we won't be seeing the baptism of the couple, but I'm sure that once all the paperwork is in order that some other missionaries will. The only problem we might have with the nephews is that they need parental permission to be baptized, because both are under 18. We met their mom while we were painting, and she wants to introduce us to her boyfriend, but she still hasn't been to church, and we haven't had a real lesson with her, so we will see what happens there. But the nephews are awesome! They came to church bythemselves these past two weeks, and Monday night they were invited to an FHE with one of the families in the branch. This family has kids the same age, and the younger ones are in the same class in school (if not they are definitely in the same grade and knew each other before.)

We had a good "lesson" last night with Josetty (a recent convert) about her husband and her daughters. The daughters want to get baptized, but their dad won't let them. But it sounds like there is some progress in their house. We are hoping that we will get to see their baptism, but who knows what is going to happen. We started teaching a woman from Peru, Patricia, who is pregnant. So we asked one of the members who is from Peru, and pregnant to come to the lessons with us. And they have the same due date! It was kinda funny when we figured it out. But they are already friends, and she came to the Visiting Teaching workshop on Saturday. She is really great, but isn't married. (We have run into this problem quite a few times.) And next week the YW are having a 60's dance for their camp fundraiser, so we are inviting everybody. I think it will be a lot of fun...I don't know how long we will be there or our plans for the dance, but we will most likely have investigators there.

Today we went to the temple! It was great. We went to the 9:00 session, so we had to leave kinda early to be able to get there on time. And today we were really early, so we did some initiatories while we waited. But it was fun to see the other missionaries. We both wish that we would have had more of a plan before we went to Madrid. We knew that the elders in our district wanted to play soccer and go eat somewhere, but no one really had a plan, and there was a lot of socializing afterward, so by the time we were ready to go eat the elders were already playing soccer and we didn't have time to wait for them to go eat. So we came back, ate some food on the way, and are going to go rest and write letters. It was a pretty good day.
I can't really think of anything else that has been going on this past week. We've just been busy with missionary work!

Love, Amber

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