Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Temple Trip and the "cool contact of the week"

Hello everybody!  
After reading through gramma and grampas latest blog entries, it kinda dawned on me that I'm not going to have nearly as many cool pictures to send home!   Oh well, I guess you'll all just get really familiar with the Houston suburbs!
This week we had our first temple trip.  We get to go twice a year (usually a few weeks after conference) and then on our last day in the mission.  The temple isn't actually in the mission, and the Houston temple is one of the small ones, so temple trips are very scheduled and very planned out.  It's not like in Madrid when we could pick which P-day worked best for us.  It's a very pretty temple, and it was fun to go! 
I've also noticed how different the P-days are here.  We have to take care of all the shopping and cleaning and what-nots, but we have managed to find some time every week to write letters and relax.  We never had relaxing p-days in Spain, and sometimes they were the most stressful.  But there isn't that need to see all "the sights" here in Houston like there was in Madrid.  So P-days are just one of the many things that changes from mission to mission. 
It's fun to hear about all the wedding planning going on!  I bet it gets a little stressful, but I'm sure that everything will turn out great!  I sure that Brenna will love meeting Will's family.  I haven't heard anything about San Antonio yet, so I can't tell her what to look out for.  I just haven't met anybody who has lived there or has family there. 
I love hearing about the missionary homecomings!  So much fun!  I feel bad for MaryAndra though.  She spoke with Richie and me when we left.  I hope one day she gets to speak in a regular sacrament meeting without too many extra people!
Well, we eat a lot of Mexican food.  Fajitas and what not.  It's all pretty tasty!  So we eat a lot of meat.  Actual meat, not just chicken.  So if we've eaten with a members a few nights in a row, I can tell that I'm still working on digesting everything.  There are some really good members here who are willing to help us out, and we are still working through the list of referrals we got from the members last week.  It was a kind of potluck event, so there were some Tamales, a Mexican soup (which I think is called might have to check on that.)  And some other pretty traditional food. 
Ready for the cool contact of the week...?  We were out just walking around and talking to some people, when we came across two really tall guys, so we started to talk to them.  Turns out they had both been professional basketball players, and one of them had played with the Jazz the year they went to the finals.  We had a little conversation with him about what he remembered from Utah.  I guess you never know who you might run into!
We had another really rainy day this last week.  And now I don't even really notice the humidity.  Although it does get a little worse right before the big storms come in.  
There are a lot more meetings here than there were in Spain.  At least that I'm noticing.  It was so hard to get everyone together that they would have to do their zone leaders conference via Skype.  But here everyone is much closer, so they come together more frequently.  This week we have zone conference.  I'm very excited!  I love being able to take the time to learn and be reminded of the little things that make the difference out here. 
Well...I guess that's about it for this week!
Love you lots,

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