Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sundays, speaking in the park, and a straightener!

(Which is how you say hello in Spanish!)

I'm excited for the shoes! Yay! (and we think that the mission home forwards mail to the MTC if the Missionaries are still there) Hna. Soderquist has the same pair of shoes, and her shoes are starting to do the same thing, and she says that she does unbuckle her shoes every night. I'll keep an eye on the new pair.

I have a few pictures to send you, just not sure when it will happen...It was sad to say goodbye to the other district of Elders who leave this morning. (Elder Cooper's district) As of right now, our district is just the four of us (Hna Soderquist, Elder Forsythe, and Elder Wilkinson) and nine Italian missionaries. There are four Italian sisters, so at least we aren't alone on our side of the hall! We should be getting a new district of American Missionaries this week, but haven't heard anything yet.

We also met the senior sisters that you saw on the blog []
We met them in Provo when we went to meet with the consul. They are serving in the young adult center, and just left for the Canary Islands! They think they will come back to Madrid in August, and we are excited to get to work with them.

Today our temple session was in Portugese, (That was the language with the most people).
When we were in the chapel, they took a poll of what language everyone spoke and then proceeded with the one that had the most votes. So we got to wear the translator headsets!

Sundays are great! We have lots of study time and district meetings. We have R.S. upstairs in the President's Apartment (there aren't ever too many sisters). We have our own little branch here, but they will bring in other people to come speak to us. Our first week we had a couple tell us about their conversion story, and last week one of the couples serving in the temple came and spoke to us. Pres. Earl does a fireside with us every week, and we have another fireside at night. It is usually people from the area. We have heard conversion stories, and last week a brother and sister (both returned missionaries) came and spoke to us. After dinner on Sunday, we have music time! All the missionaries learn how to lead music, which is kinda fun, and then we sing!

We won't watch the YW session of conference, and I think we watch our sessions a little out of order, but I'm sure that we will have study time during Priesthood (we haven't heard anything different yet).

When we left Provo, they said that they send mail to foreign missionaries back to the sender, with a copy of the new address. So we don't think that Sarah's postcard will get forwarded. If it came right after we left though, Hna. Greer might have held on to it and bring it with her when she comes.

I'm glad to hear that Ryan had such a good time at youth conference. It is kinda funny to think that he would want to take notes during the dating panel. Be sure that Ryan knows that I need some awesomeness in my life, and I would love it if he could help me out!

We have been hearing about the earthquake in Japan. Hna. Soderquist has twin brothers who are serving in the Philipines, so she was really worried about them. But we are glad to hear that they are ok. But sad about Japan.

So last week in the park, I had a Portugese companion. She spoke some English and some Spanish, so we could mostly communicate with each other But that means that I did most of the talking. And I did great! It was my best park week yet. It was really good, and built a lot of confidence, especially with the language. As a whole, the park wasn't as successful as it had been before, but it was my best week! (This does not mean that I enjoy the park, but that I know that I can handle it now!)

I am really glad that we have three more weeks of learning. We are going to start to really practice our Spanish with each other, at least that is the plan.

Sounds like everyone is busy, including Gramma and Grampa. Glad to hear that everyone is doing great!

Last week I bought a straightener! I have done my hair straight everyday since. I even woke up early to fix it this morning. The elders were glad to know that my straightener worked. They couldn't believe that I would spend 60 euros on one. But I love it! Worth every penny!
I can't think of anything I need that you could send, but treats are always great!
Love you lots!

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