Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kicked Out!

Well, this week has been more of the same I guess.  We've just been looking for more people to teach, and have been really focused on the less actives.  
Our zone conference this week was really good!
They've been working on the air conditioner in our apartment.  It seems we have a leak.  So they tried to fix it on Friday, and couldn't, so they let us use a portable air conditioner this weekend.  They've been working on installing the new AC this morning.  We are really excited to have a working AC unit!!!
We took the bikes out for a little bit this week, which was fun, and nice to be back on the bike!
We managed to get ourselves kicked out of a complex this week.  We'd been going by to find some less active members who live there, and the other day, when we were knocking on one of their doors, the manager came, yelling at us, about how we were trespassing, and she had called the police, and that we were no longer welcome on her property.  Because we were trying a few apartments, we parked at one end and walked to the other.  So she got in her car, followed us back to our van, and then proceeded to snap a few pictures on her cell phone of us, and the license plate number.   We had tried to tell her that we were trying to visit a specific member, and weren't really knocking other doors, but she wouldn't let us say anything, and told us that we were lying.  It was kind of a funny experience.  And definitely a new one.  Missionaries have been asked not to go around and just knock random doors by management before, but neither of us had been told to leave and never come back.  So that's the funny story of the week...
Well, it sound like everyone is doing well.  School started this week here.  There is a very fancy private school just behind our apartments, and they have the longest pick-up line ever!!! So we just try to avoid that area from 2:30-5:00.  It kinda reminded me of the charter school days, but this line was soooo much longer.  
I think that is about it for this week...
Love you all!

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