Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Mini-Missionary!


The big news is that Monday we received our Mini-missionary! Her name is Hna. Mendoza, she is 16, originally from Peru, but lives in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. We are super excited to have her here. She has given us a bit of a jump start, and is helping us to just keep working this last week.
This is indeed the last week of Hna. Marín, and a bunch of other missionaries. So there will definitely be changes this week. We will know later this week, probably Friday or Saturday, and we will change companions on Monday. So you will know next week about everything!
Today, for our P-day we went to Madrid. We first met up with some of the elders in our district in the train to Madrid. We played an "assassination" game in the train to pass the time, and had a blast! We then met up with a bunch of other missionaries, and rode a "gondola" across a huge park in Madrid. We got to see the city from the sky, which was pretty cool, and we took some pretty cool pictures. The trip was pretty short, and afterward, we played a little game of soccer. With the three teams we created, and a triangle-ish shaped field. In the end my team won (yay!), but only because we scored the final point! And then we took the return trip back across the park. We then ate at Taco Bell, and headed home. It was a pretty good P-day, and I good final P-day for Hna. Marín.
Tomorrow, we have Zone Conferece! I'm super excited. Between the Zone Conference, the fiestas, and dinner appointments, we don't have much time to actually work, but we are making it count! But the visits with the members sure are great!
I guess it would be a little strange to go from having a demanding calling to not having one at all...but at least Sophie will have a new "friend" for Wednesday fun-day!
Glad to hear that everything got all packed up at Gramma's house, it sounded a little sketchy there at the end. I bet they are super excited for the new adventure! I know that I am!
Yay for Tricia! That must be so exciting for her, and for her family! I can't wait to see pictures. Be sure to tell her that I said congratulations, and that I wish the best for her!
I don't think that we will be able to get that last baptism before Hna. Marín leaves, but if we only postpone it one week, she said that she would definitely come back for it! More than one week, and Hna. Marín begins her vacations, but I think that one week is all that we need.
Toledo did remind me a bit of Cashmere and Chelan, but the hills we pass when we travel to Alcalá sure do remind me of home. And today, as we rode over the park, we saw plenty of green trees, especially evergreens, with grass as brown and dry as brown and dry could be! And I couldn't help but think of all the dry, brown grass that we get at home sometimes.
I remember that when my friends started coming home I noticed that they had changed a lot, but not a lot at the same time. It was a little weird and a little bit fun to figure out what had changed and what hadn't. It must be very exciting fro Bro. and Sis. Coleman to have Garret home with them. And the Polynesian languages do sound funny. In the MTC, we lived next to sisters headed to the Phillipines. It was fun to listen to them practice!
And I want to see pictures of Will! I know that I can't Facebook stalk him, or even meet him yet, but pictures is as good as it is going to get. And to be "Facebook Official" is pretty exciting. I'm super stoked for Brenna!

Love you lots, and hope that everyone is having a great summer!
Love, Amber

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