Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arrival in Madrid - Friday, February 25

(Note from the 'editor'. From the number of spelling errors in this last email, we're assuming Amber's very jet lagged. I cleaned it up a bit.)

I get to write you just to let you know that I made it here OK. I did get some sleep on the plane, but not a lot. There were five elders who ended up traveling with us to Spain. Three of them had been reassigned to state-side missions, so we picked them up along the way. One came to the MTC Wednesday night, we met one in Salt Lake
and the other in Georgia. Our flight wasn't very full, so most people didn't have to sit next to somebody. It was nice to be able to spread out.

We are having a great time here. The MTC building is right next to the temple, and the temple is big. We can see it from just about every window; it's gorgeous. Actually, what I've seen of Spain has been pretty beautiful.

My P-day is now on Thursday, so I will be emailing then. At the MTC in Provo, we got to practice our missionary skills on volunteers from the community. Here though, we just go to the park and practice on real people, who know real Spanish. It's a little scary.

I'm super tired now, but we aren't allowed to go to sleep for a few more hours.
They need to keep us awake to help us with the jet lag. That is our assignment for the afternoon.

The MTC President (President Earl) and his wife are from Moses Lake. I mentioned that my family was from Wenatchee and then we discovered that he knows Grandpa. You'll have to see how well Grandpa remembers him.

There are only two other missionaries in our District - two Elders from England. They came into Provo the same day we did, but flew out on time. We have a new companion. She is a native Spaniard going to Los Angeles. She finished her time at the MTC in Provo, but is waiting for her Visa to come through, so they flew her back to Spain to wait for her Visa. We will practice our Spanish on her, and she will practice her English on us.

There is a group of missionaries from Africa going to Portugal here, but they are native speakers, so I don't think they go to the MTC in Provo. But kinda fun to have other people here.

Well, just thought I'd let you know that I made it here OK!

Hermana Lewis

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